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About the Book

Save Tax - The Smart WayFree from legal jargon and characterized by its lucid style and logical approach, this Book treasures a wealth of practical and innovative ideas for every taxpayer, keen to lawfully minimize his tax burden… and every investor eager to prudently maximize his return on investments.

With its unique spectrum of coverage and creatively fascinating presentation enriched through Case Studies, Illustrations and Queries & Replies, this Book will provide you with an invaluable understanding and insight into the Art & Science of Personal Tax & Investment Planning and soon become your trusted friend, philosopher and guide on this subject!







 This Practical Guide presents 66 Chapters covering a wide range of Smart Strategies for Tax Saving, with some of the noteworthy highlights focusing on:

  • Imaginative Planning for Tax Saving!
  • Tax Planning via Planning of Gifts
  • In a virtual Wealth-tax free World!
  • In-house Sharing of Income & Wealth
  • Major Tax Savings for Minor’s Income
  • HUF – Prize Status for Tax Planning
  • Tax Incentives for Housing & Property
  • Planning Your Pay to be Happy & Gay!
  • Tax Saving Magic of Savings
  • Enjoying Capital Gain without Tax Pain!
  • Deductions – To Axe your Tax and Relax!
  • Managing your TDS and Refunds
  • Skilful Planning via Will & Family Settlement
  • Investment Planning – The Guiding Stars
  • Building your Investment Pyramid
  • Seven Smart Strategies to Beat Inflation
  • Platter of Foreign Exchange Entitlements
  • Spreading Wings for Investment Overseas

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